Trick or Treat Candy Corn Horror Movie Pumpkin Pail Air Fear Freshener SFCC105

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Product Description
Trick or Treat
Fear Freshener Candy Corn Pumpkin Pail
Adult Unisex

Designed by Sam Furst

What better way to compliment your Trick or Treat Studios Candy Corn product than with your very own Pumpkin Pail Fear Freshener!

This beautiful full color 3.5" tall air freshener, comes with an elastic band to make it easy to attach to any place you want to smell clean and fresh.

The Candy Corn Pumpkin Pail Fear Freshener has a wonderful Cinnamon scent to fill Air.

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Sku: SFCC105
Size Type: One SIze
Material: Paper
Color: Orange
Graphic on: Front & Back