Sweet Midnight Coffin Bat Striped Horror Punk Goth Vegan Fanny Pack Backpack Bag

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Product Description
Sweet Midnight
Coffin Backpack Mini

These coffin backpacks were designed exclusively by Sweet Midnight!!

Our brand new coffin bag design is our MINI Coffin Bag! It is the perfect bag for a night at the club, school, or just hanging out in dark corners of the world.

It is big enough to hold all your essentials yet stylish at the same time.

The Sweet Midnight MINI Coffin Bag has a pocket on the inside for easy cell phone, makeup, or hearse key access. A magnetic button closure is hidden under the bat closure flap. 

Measuring 8.5 inches high by 6 inches wide and 3 inches deep. Comes with two straps that can be adjusted for up to 38 inches. Each has a black bat detail on the front.

This bag has two awesome features! The first is that you can turn it from a backpack into a purse by removing one of the straps. The second feature is that the MINI Coffin Bags have two loops on the back, so you can wear it on your belt! Think of it as a stylish goth fanny pack!!

Size Type: Mini
Material: Vegan
Color: Black & White
Graphic on: Front