Restyle Deer Animal Antlers Witch Pagan Gothic Punk Black Suede Bag Backpack

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Product Description
Antlers Backpack

Gothic, black backpack with deer antlers

Are you going on a trip? Are you looking for something stylish and practical? Or maybe just during the day you focus on convenience and comfort? You're in the right place! The Antlers Backpack has everything you need. Functionality, style, and gothic character. Perfect for hiking and casual wear.

Gothic backpack made of artificial, soft to the touch suede. Trimmed with artificial leather. The main pocket has a drawstring, so you won't lose anything. The flap is decorated with a deer antler embroidery and leather stripes with a metal element. On the sides, you will find pockets where you can put your phone, keys, and other small items. Both are fastened with a magnetic clasp. Right next to your back there is one more pocket, fastened with a zipper. Put your wallet or valuables in it. You'll be sure they are safe. Inside, the backpack has two compartments, one of which is open.

And most importantly - you can adjust the harness! This increases the comfort of walking with a backpack that is full to the brim. Adapt them to your needs to relieve your spine.

Composition: artificial suede (100% polyester), artificial leather accessories (100% PU).

heigth 32 cm
width 33 cm
bottom width: 16 cm
length of straps 50-80 cm

Size Type: Large
Material: Polyester & Polyurethane
Color: Black
Graphic on: Front