Morphsuit Adult Censored Naked Hillbilly Body Suit Halloween Costume 78-0309

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Product Description
Naked Censored HillBilly Faux Real Morpsuit

Become a different person. It's like wearing someone elses skin!

New high-definition printing technology creates the most realistic costumes on the market. Hi y’all! Ok, so our Hillbilly Morphsuit is not for you, and our Naked Sexy Man Morphsuit is just a bit too tame. Now you’ve found it, this has to be THE ONE! Not for the faint hearted, the Naked Hillbilly Faux Real Morphsuit is just so out-there we’re almost lost for words. If you wanna keep your girlfriend make sure she doesn’t see you wearing this.

Double stitching all the way around the inside of the suit ensures durability, while two zips make de-morphing quick and easy.

Our special blend of materials ensures clear vision and 13% spandex means not only a great fit (unlike our competitors', which are pants) but oh so comfy, too.

Great to make an impression at any party, stag do, Halloween, or Carnival.