Killstar 90s Daze Vintage Gothic Punk Rocker Plaid Tartan Choker KSRA00391D

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Product Description
90s Daze Choker
Adult / Womens

Punk rock is good for the soul.

- Super Soft Fabric.
- Reinforced Design & Exceptional Quality.
- Statement Pentagram Ring.
- One Size.
- Blood Tartan Print.

The '90'S Daze' choker manifests a powerful and dark look; featuring a high-quality double nylon strap, tartan design and pentagram hardware.

You'll feel powerful in this piece- goes perfectly with yer favourite looks.

Wash Cold- Gentle Cycle.

With KILLSTAR Branding

Sku: KSRA00391D
Size Type: Choker
Material: 74% Rayon, 22% Nylon, 4% Elastane
Color: Black / Blood Tartan