Restyle Moon Witch Wicca Magic Punk Emo Goth Womens Jacket Gothic Winter Coat

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Product Description
Moon Witch Coat
Adult Womens Coat

This instantly flattered coat is made of very thick and firm cloth (100% polyester = 100%vegan). 
Very beautiful outwear which gives a beautiful silhouette.
Jacket is fully warmed with textured fleece. 
It will be perfect for winter weather without feeling "puffy".
Zipper clousure adorned with crescent moon. 
On the back and on the hood there is a huge black crescent embroidery.

Jacket was made of geometry forms accentuating a femine fit, 
faux leather trimmings keep the style smart and sophisticated.
Witchy coat can be dressed up for special occasions or for everyday use.

Jacket has oversized hood also adorned with faux leather trimmings. Coat has side pockets.

This coat is very slim fitted. 
If you plan to wear thick clothes underneath the coat, please select one size bigger you usually wear.