Restyle Maleficent Horns Pentagram Crescent Moon Gothic Punk Witch Hand Mirror

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Product Description
Horns Hand Mirror

Gothic black mirror with horns

Supposedly, according to old folk beliefs, a witch is a woman involved in malevolent powers. However, any self-respecting witch must look good. Fashionable gothic outfit and makeup will be useless if you do them blindly. We have a solution to this problem for you. The gothic Horns Mirror, the design of which was approved by Maleficent herself!

Gothic, black hand mirror in a truly magical frame. The frame presents devil horns connected at the top by a crescent moon. There is a pentagram in the middle of the frame, and the handle is adorned with gothic, floral elements. The mirror surface is crystal and the frame is made of resin.

A gothic hand mirror is an unusual item in every detail. It is packed in an elegant, brand box, making it a perfect gift. Such a unique decoration of the dressing table will surely delight the recipient witch. In addition to its functionality, it will also be ideal for interior decoration, for gothic photo sessions, and as a decorative element of an outfit.

Full size: 27 cm
Mirror size: 9 cm

Size Type: One Size
Material: Resin/Plastic
Color: Black