Restyle Magic Spells Black Book Raven Moon Emo Punk Gothic Handbag Purse Bag

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Product Description
Magic Spells
Handbag Purse Bag

Unusual bag in the shape of book!

Made of black artficial leather with old texture.
Front, back and ridge of the book are stiffened, 
because of that bag is very sturdy!

The front is decorated with huge print. 
You can found there "Magic spells notebook" 
and raven on the moon background.

The ridge of the book has similar, matching graphic.

Bag opens with zipper.
Inside lining with large zipped pocket.
Bag is on hard handles.
Includes a long adjustable strap, which allows to wear bag over the shoulder.

High: 35 cm
Width: 26 cm
Width of the ridge: 9 cm
Lenght of the handles: 34 cm
Lenght of shoulder strap: 140 cm