Restyle Deer Animal Antlers Gothic Punk Witch Brown Hobo Crossbody Bag Purse

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Product Description
Antlers Hobo Bag

Gothic, brown crescent-shaped handbag with embroidered deer antlers.

"What are you carrying in that handbag that is so heavy? Have you packed the whole house?!" You know it, right? Exactly. The lady's handbag is there to fit everything you need. You will pack the necessary cosmetics bag, a phone, an umbrella, and even an elephant. Because who will stop you. You can put all these things easily in two pockets - the main deep pocket and the smaller one at the back. Both are fastened with a zipper with a crescent moon pull.

The gothic Antlers handbag in a fashionable caramel color accepts everything. Don't limit yourself. Its crescent shape is extremely roomy - and additionally, it refers to one of the moon phases. There are no accidents with us. ;)

The gothic handbag, in addition to its capacity, looks stylish. On both sides, it's decorated with deer antler embroidery, which symbolizes nature and the forest. We made it from artificial suede and trimmed with artificial leather. Thanks to this, not only is it pleasant to the touch (you could stroke it for hours) but also it is solidly strengthened. Additionally, a flap with a hanging strip adorns it in the middle.

Now that you've packed, it's important that you carry your essentials comfortably. Here you have two options. The first suggestion is standard, on one arm. The second, more comfortable, slung over your body. Thanks to the wide, adjustable twin straps, you can adjust the height of the bag to your needs. Metal elements and buckles add a gothic character and additionally strengthen the entire construction. You know, in case you wanted to hide that elephant after all.

44x37x10 cm

Size Type: Medium
Material: suede (100% polyester), leather elements (100% PU)
Color: Brown
Graphic on: Front