Nemesis Now Baphomet Hip Flask Goth Devil Spirits Alcohol Juice Demon B5118R0

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Nemesis Now
Baphomet Hip Flask

Nemesis Now Exclusive: A symbol of the occult, Baphomet is a winged, goat-headed hermaphrodite with a torch between its horns and a pentagram on its forehead. Here it is shown with two snakes representing Male and Female, representing the powers of "binding and loosing" embodying opposites and celebrating contrasts. Worshiped by occultists from Jacques de Molay's Templars to Alistair Crowley, Baphomet has long been a symbol of free-thinking heresy and forbidden knowledge. This mystically discreet hip flask is perfect for sipping and storing those spirits.

The mighty Baphomet's face is the focal point of this hip flask.
Surrounded by skulls, serpents and a intricate baroque design.
The artwork is transferred onto a leather-like-coating.
Holds 7oz of your favourite tipple.

Sku: B5118R0
Size Type: Holds 7 Ounces
Material: Stainless Steel/PU
Color: Black/Red