Killstar Kill List Book Goth Horror Punk Occult Witch Clutch Wallet K-PRS-U-2270

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Product Description
Kill List Book Wallet

Yer adding 'em all to the list - Volume 1 of many!

- Luxe Vegan Leather.
- Zip Closure.
- Book-Style Metal Corners. 
- 20cm x 12cm. 

Book-style wallet with just all the possible storage needs a girl can have; keep yer change, notes, cards, spells, old talismans and more safely stored in this rad wallet. Luxe Vegan leather, with print on one side - silver metal corners and full closure zip so ya can make sure to not loose anything.

with KILLSTAR Branding

Sku: K-PRS-U-2270
Size Type: Medium
Material: 100% PU Leather.
Color: Black
Graphic on: Front