Killstar Baphomet Pentagram Satanic Goat Devil Gothic Punk Teapot KSRA003756

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Product Description
Baphomet Teapot
Adult Unisex


I like my coffee, how I like my coffee.

- Ceramic Teapot.
- Detachable Lid + Bat Detail.
- Baphomet Design.
- Decorative Pattern.
- Gloss Black.
- Size: H - 19.5cm/7.7", W - 29.5cm/11.6", D - 17cm/6.7".
- Dishwasher & Microwave Safe.

Make your coffee or tea ritual a hell of a lot more special with the 'Baphomet' teapot. Amazing craftsmanship - featuring a baphomet design and detachable lid. This stand-out teapot exudes cool vibes - the perfect addition to any spooky kitchen!

Makes a beautiful gift for a lucky goth!

With KILLSTAR Branding,

Sku: KSRA003756
Size Type: Regular
Material: 100% Ceramic.
Color: Black
Graphic on: Front