Alchemy of England Gothic La Fee Verte Fairy Wings Absinthe Sugar Spoon ACWT4

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Product Description
Alchemy of England
Absinthe Spoon

A traditionally ornate, naturally styled, Art Nouveau pewter strainer featuring La Fee Vert, the green fairy, for placing the sugar cube upon before slowly pouring chilled water through, to turn the absinthe into a milky, long, cool and refreshing stimulant.

An elegant accompaniment for preparing a magical elixir

Cast pewter Art Nouveau style fairy holder for straining sugar cubes and water into absinthe.

Approximate Dimensions:
Width 2.6" x Height 4.72" x Depth 0.28"
One Size

Sku: ACWT4
Size Type: One Size
Material: Fine English Pewter
Color: Silver